In 2015, the watch industry faced its biggest crisis ever, bigger even than the infamous quartz crisis of the 1980s. At the same time, Nepal first faced the worst earthquakes and four months later the biggest humanitarian crisis in its history: the secret Indian blockade, an illegal embargo that would cost the lives of over 10,000 people. I had a difficult decision to make: save my ailing watch company, which was plagued by internal sabotage by employees, or help the people of Nepal in their greatest hour of need. The people of Nepal won. Find out how a fateful judgement call would result in the crash of one of America's most accomplished watch companies. Get an inside look at how a former CIA operative, a former U.S. ambassador and Hollywood actor Malcolm McDowell joined the effort to make India's blockade public, and how the Indian embassy retaliated by blocking the centerpiece of our humanitarian mission: the fabled fire truck expedition. 2019 - Under consideration by Vajra Publications for the Nepal market (pending script), self-published for USA market. Hardcover, 452 pages. Printed in Nepal. AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2019

Book: Judgement Call

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