It's hard to mince words when it comes to explaining what the Government of India, via its intelligence service RAW, has been doing to the sovereign nation of Nepal over the last few decades. To better understand this complex issue, please check the story highlights on my Instagram account, read "The Nepal Controversies" on this website, and watch the preview of "David And Goliath", the 3.5-hour-long documentary film detailing India's illegal and secret economic blockade against Nepal in 2015/16. 

The fire truck expedition is a mission to publicly expose R&AW's actions in Nepal and this very unorthodox watch is your ticket to be part of the adventure and to take a quiet but brightly-colored stand against R&AW. The funds will be used to sustain our campaign and to help ship the fire trucks to Nepal.   


The Official Watch of the Un-Fuck Nepal Movement

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