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The Harvey Weinstein Of Mountaineering

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

An anonymous tip led to the unraveling of one the world's most famous mountaineers. Read how the social media campaign targeting Nirmal Purja sparked the mountaineering community's #MeToo movement.

Nimsdai Purja is Nepal's most famous living person. He protects a very dark secret at all costs.

Curiously, Nirmal Purja's ghostwritten autobiography only lists him as the author.

Mohammad Hassan was left to die on K2 in an episode that contradicts Nirmal Purge's stated climbing ethics.

Chitwan National Park in Nepal.

Small Heaven School in Chitwan is the district's best and most expensive private school.

Nepal Needs Fire Trucks. Corruption hampers the procurement process.

The helicopter rescue scam made headlines worldwide. No-one was ever prosecuted.

A Nepali woman using the pseudonym Rita provided lewd video clips of Nirmal Purja.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Nepal's Indian-backed Prime Minister and war criminal Prachanda.

Nepali actor Saruk Tamrakar with his girlfriend of 2.5 years, actress Namrata Shrestha.

Actress Shristi Shrestha with actor Saruk Tamrakar and YouTuber Sisan Baniya.

Nepal's royal family was assassinated in 2001. Crown Prince Dipendra was framed as the killer.

Nepal's most famous YouTuber Sisan Baniya has not joined the calls for justice in Saruk Tamrakar's suicide.

Senior Nepal Police officials posing with flags flown on the summit of Mount Everest with Nirmal Purja's help.

Kathmandu's fire chief Kishor Bhattarai was fired for stating his department only has three functional fire trucks.

Nepal Tourism Board's Shraddha Shrestha intervened at the highest political levels to sabotage the Fire Truck Expedition.

Nirmal Purja with the world's greatest mountaineer, Reinhold Messner.

This article was originally published on Instagram (@mike_kobold_np) on 13 August 2023.

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